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Why Choose A Registered Dietitian?

No other health profession has the background & expertise to adequately provide medical nutrition therapy.

From a cost benefit perspective, nutrition intervention by a R.D. is much less expensive than hospitalizations that may result from poor & inadequate control & management of some medical conditions.

The R.D. is the only health professional specifically trained to access patients nutritional status and provide nutrition therapy individualized for eating habits, lifestyle, budget nutrient needs required for the patients diagnosis.

Lisa's Promise to You

Education is the key to success.  I will teach you how to improve your labs, decrease your medications, attain a healthy weight & improve your physical fitness levels ONE STEP AT A TIME!

Making changes is a process rather than an event & I will let you change at your own pace.

I promise to give you the personal guidance & attention to help you succeed, using an enthusiastic, yet gentle, approach.

I will help clear up confusion created by the media, inaccurate books, fads and false advertising.

I will help improve the quality of your life by teach you how to take charge of your diabetes & heart disease.

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Lisa Checking In:

LISA CHECKING IN JUNE 2015 Hope everyone is enjoying their late spring early summer. Been wild here in Detroit. Hot one day and freezing the next. Happy to be digging in the dirt! Will post photos of my gardens when they start to fill in. Thank you all for your prayers which were answered. Kevin is recovering miraculously from his massive brain aneurysm/near death and 6 day stay at Henry Ford- Wyandotte. The staff there was absolutely amazing! I nicknamed it “Hotel Henry” as a coping mechanism. No paralysis, and his balance and vision coming back quickly. MY WORK ADDRESS is 21641 ALLEN RD WOODHAVEN, MI 48183 Not the other one that is floating around google!!! Not sure where the default happened but I moved to this one 6 years ago! CONTINUED GREETINGS TO MY NEW “LIFEBOAT” and “ IN ACTION” and “COR” PARTICIPANTS!! LOOKING FORWARD TO HELPING YOU WITH YOUR MEAL PLANS AS YOU CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY NORMALLY IT ONLY TAKES ME 1-2 DAYS TO GET NEW MEAL PLANS DONE BUT THERE HAS BEEN QUITE AN INFLUX OF NEW PEOPLE AND FORMER CLIENTS RE-BOOTING. One of the fellows is creating a website for abstinent recipes. I will post it on my site when its completed! IT HAS BEEN ONE YEAR NOW SINCE I CLOSED MY ROYAL OAK OFFICE BUT SINCE I WAS THERE FOR 12 YEARS PEOPLE STILL ASK ABOUT IT. I WAS AND STILL IS A DIFFICULT DECISION! HERE IS WHY: I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY WITH OUT OF STATE AND WOODHAVEN OFFICE AND TEACHING THAT I JUST WANTED TO STREAMLINE MY LIFE A BIT AND NOT SPEND AS MUCH TIME COMMUTING. I WASTED SO MUCH TIME IN MY CAR THIS WINTER, AS DID MANY OF US. I AM HONORED THAT MOST OF MY CLIENTS ARE MEETING ME AT MY WOODHAVEN OFFICE. OTHERS ARE DOING PHONE AND ONLINE SUPPORT. Thank you! MY WINTER OCC STUDENTS have been a blast. Keep in touch! HEA 1510 ICON FOR YOUR STUFF MORE INFO ON MY CLASS BELOW Please note for WINTER 2015 I will be teaching on WEDNESDAYS With the exception of the emails that are just daily food diaries….. If it seems like I take more than a day or two to get to your email then TEXT me or CALL me 734-502-8264!!!!! I’m still not trusting my email 100%. Those of you who know me know how careful (ie anal) I am about communication!!! If you feel something is taking too long, don’t WAIT! My web people are still trying to figure it out Photos of my “children” on my under the “about lisa” section Black labs…or My “labra-dorks” as I call them Yes that creepy photo is me on Halloween! I was “goth student who pulled too many all nighters studying” even my best friends did not recognize me. It was hilarious. Had to wash my face and hair 4 times to get all the goop off! i have updated some handouts and used the words “abstinent eating: because I have to legally change some wording on things. If there is something you knew was there before and isn’t not, just email me and I will send it to you. Everything should all be reposted soon.  Bobbie and David Hamel of UB associates, my web people have been phenomenal! Let me know if you can’t pull something up Hello to my new clients, local and out of state! I will be adding a new icon to my site just for diabetes. I have so many handouts I’ve created I’d like to keep them all in one place on my site as I update things. AND ESPECIALLY ALL THE CONFERENCES AND WEBINARS I DID IN 2013. MY HEAD WILL BE SPINNING WITH IDEAS!!!! Continuous thanks to my interns and Future RD’s for their behind the scenes work too. You all help me keep my sanity! (and they have way better handwriting than me!) Good Luck on the Boards Brianna and as you venture to work in Korea! I also have the link to Michael Prager’s weight release (and other substances) success story chronicled in Fat Boy Thin Man. What an inspiration. I’ve talked to him on the phone, emailed and am honored to be a resource in his book. This link is from my Nov 2010 nutrition tip. For WINTER 2015 (Jan-April) I am teaching a nutrition class at OCC (Oakland Community College- Royal Oak campus) I am teaching from 9-12 and 1:00 -4:00 on WED this semester. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! So WEDNESDAYS are for my students and I won’t have as much cell phone or email availability. Thanks for your patience and understanding ahead of time.  It’s a 3 credit required class for all nursing students and allied health fields. I have a lot of stories and situations I’m able to share with them it is going very well. I had wanted to teach college for a while now, so it’s a dream come true. Can’t believe this is my 18th semester already. I hope my students feel the same way  Thank you for your love notes on the back of the final exams. The HEA 1510 ICON on my website is for my students. I will be posting their study guides and info there. I did a Podcast interview with Dr Paula M. Scully which is now running on www.ALLtheRAGEradio.com The other site is www.DreamBoldLiveBold.com The questionnaire I use for my new clients (members attending overeating/undereating 12-step type abstinent programs) is under the icon especially for you. Let me know if you can’t pull it up, l email it to you. SICK DAY MEAL PLANS ARE AVAILABLE THERE TOO and now COLONOSCOPY PREPARATION PLANS and now TRAVEL TIPS, TOOL KIT and I just added How to count vegetarian packaged foods. Please note that AS AN ORGANIZATION Overeaters Anonymous, Inc does NOT endorse any particular meal plan or medical professional. I am not affiliated with them. I am able to write abstinent or 12-step type meal plans for those individuals who CHOOSE to have their own meal plans. I’m also looking for recipes from members to post in this section. If you have good ones, send them on! I try to pick recipes of the month that are safe for most. My email is: lisa@lisamerrill.com (note…2 R’s and 2 L’s in merrill) Continuous hello’s to all my new Local, Out-Of-State, Canada, Alaska, Korea, Puerto Rico, UK, French, Japan, Australia, Uruguay, Italy, Poland, Germany and France. I’ve worked with over 4500-5000 of you now!!!!! (I’ve kinda lost count now) I’m enjoying all the accents and learning about your interesting “local” foods. By the way, I’m in the Detroit Area…and on EASTERN Time Zone. Your before and after pictures are inspirations too!!! Keep em coming! I have a bunch of new testimonials to post. Note from Aug 08 Nutrition Tip (just go to the archives) This is a very powerful letter a recovering anorexic wrote to her eating disorder (ED). It’s beautifully done and painfully honest. It will make you understand how this terrible disease gets a grip on people and how hard they have to work to kick it in the butt. I am also posting it as encouragement for others who are struggling with eating disorders. This letter is used with permission but kept anonymous. JULY 2010 is another letter from someone else, and this Aug 2010 nutrition tip has more helpful links. I haven’t done tips of the month for a year now but there are archives there. Priorities have been client care and not my updates.  RECIPE- Island Mahi-Mahi kabobs EXERCISE TIP- Ideas for exercise to keep it interesting NUTRITION TIP- What is this Raspberry Ketone stuff Dr Oz keeps talking about How to access my archived tips: For each tip of the month, scroll down to the bottom of that page…you’ll see the bold line then the word Nutrition, Exercise or Recipe Archives…Just click on that and the titles of all my topics for that category will show up. You can then click on the title you’re interested in and my archived tip will come up. Some months may be missing because I updated topics or redid some handouts and they were re-posted. For the archives BEFORE June 09 tips scroll to the bottom of the latest tip of the month and there will be PAST ARCHIVE TIPS and you can click on that. Remember, I’m always looking for ideas for my site!!! If you’ve sent me emails and I didn’t respond (I ALWAYS respond), call me/text me and let me know 734-502-8264. We’re all a work in progress. Fitness and being healthy is a journey, not just an event. Stay Warm this crazy winter!  XOXO Lisa
PS. Check out my beautiful fuzz faced four legged “boys” in the About Lisa Section. I finally put up my photos from my Red Wings Stanley Cup playoff years..and some of my gardens from last year in their earlier days. And most recently a goofy Halloween costume I finally got the updated “professional” photo thing done. I hate sitting for photo shoots. (Yuck!) Growing the hair out by the way (to donate again) Children with hair loss – a local charity.